RJS Coaching Jodhpur

Neelambar Jha, has been in the domain of Legal Education and Training for over 11 years.

For him, rather than a profession, LAW has always been a passion, a passion closer to an obsession.

Founder-Director of Judicial Classes Neelambar Jha, a renowned educationist and a legal entrepreneur is passionate about making learning meaningful.

“Judicial Classes-For Legal Excellence” is an initiative by Neelambar Jha. It is a rare and an exciting experience for the law student to learn the process of synthesizing and analysing provisions.

Neelambar Jha is the most prominent Legal Columnist and writer in Regular Dailies/ Newspapers/ Journals.

His areas of interest include curriculum development, coaching teachers to learn and grow and change their classroom practices.

He has also been instrumental in spreading the legal awareness among general public and society at large.

Taking his passion for renewing legal education he is also associated with various prominent Law fraternities.

An energetic person, he is passionate about good and meaningful work, people join him to experience the generous joy of debating LAW.


NJ is pioneer into Rajasthan Judicial Services and Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services examination coaching in Rajasthan and India, he is credited with establishing landmark institute, dedicated to preparation for Rajasthan Judicial Services and Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services.

He took initiative, of clarifying the students, about the examination pattern of Rajasthan Judicial Services and Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services.

Through his articles and interviews, he continuously suggested students, about “how to prepare for Rajasthan Judicial Services”.

Entire Rajasthan is filled with wrong rumours about Rajasthan Judicial Services and Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services examination’s question pattern and answering style, and Neelambar Jha has been clearing air, since January 2008.

Successfully, he has been established as the most prominent law faculty for Rajasthan Judicial Services and Rajasthan Higher Judicial Services examinations.
Besides preparing students for all exams relating to Judicial Services (all states of India), Neelambar Jha is considered as the pioneer into the preparation of Rajasthan Judicial Services.

He clarified the students about examination pattern of RPSC, changing the misconception spread by various teaching groups and professors, among students.

Various articles written by Neelambar Jha, on the topics relating to preparation of Rajasthan Judicial Services Exam, has been published in leading newspapers. Students are advised to keep a vigil on newspapers and journals to know more, from Neelambar Jha, about RJS and other LAW topics.

Programs conducted under the brand – Judicial Classes, by
Mr. Neelambar Jha are as follows:

1. Rajasthan Judicial Services

2. Judicial Services for all states

3. Higher Judicial Services

4. P.C.S. (J)
5. A.P.P.

6. A.P.O.

7. L.A.

8. All LAW subjects for Civil Services

Reach him at www.neelambarjha.info

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