Bar Council of India Exam Date 2012 Question Paper

October 7, 2011
AIBE Announcements
Next All India Bar Examination 2012

The next All India Bar Examination (“AIBE”) will be held on January 8, 2012. The AIBE can be taken by (i) all candidates who failed to clear the earlier AIBE  (ii) new candidates who wish to take the AIBE.
In addition the AIBE will also be conducted in Tamil Nadu on the same date for all candidates who
were registered to take the AIBE on March 6, 2011 and July 24, 2011.
Registration for the AIBE  will  open on  October  7,  2011 and  close  on  December  7,  2011.  Candidates
who wish to  take  the  AIBE  on  January  8,  2012  can  apply  for the  same by  picking up application  forms from a  State  Bar  Council  (“SBC”)  from  October  8,  2011  onwards, or  by  registering  online  (full  details  of the  same  will be  available  on  the  BCI  website from  October  7,  2011  onwards).

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Schedule for All  India Bar  Examination Moving Forward  The  BCI  is  aware that the  process  of  enrolment  with  SBCs,  graduation  from   law  schools etc.  is currently  in  the  process of being streamlined around the AIBE  and a  correct  schedule needs  to be  put  in place  with respect  to  the AIBE  so  that law students are  able to enroll, clear  the AIBE and  start  practicing within  a  short span  of  time. From  the  next academic  year onwards  the AIBE  will be  held  in September/October  and  thereafter March/April  of every  year.  The BCI  is taking steps to put  the  systems in place  for the  same  and  discussions will  be had with SBCs/law  schools  in this  regard. 
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